My Adminsys/Devops skills :

  • Automation/Build tools : Ansible, Vagrant, Docker, Kubernetes, Nexus
  • Scripting : Python, Bash, Powershell
  • Middleware : Apache, Nginx, IIS
  • Base de données : MySQL, PgSQL
  • Versionning : GIT
  • Méthodologie : Agile (Scrum), ITIL
  • Infrastructure virutalisées : VMware, ProxMox
  • Déploiement Continue : gitlabCI, Jenkins
  • Administration Système : Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu), Windows server (2k3-2k16)
  • Solution de monitoring : Nagios (Centreon), Prometheus, ELK
  • Frameworks : Symfony
  • Langue : Français courant, Anglais professionnel

Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude

About me

Hello there !

Welcome to my space, if you are here maybe you are lost… mmh ok maybe you are not so let me introduce myself.

I’m Anas Asmi, based in the baguette country , I’m not that old and I love all things refer to IT, in particular by the DevOps world. I like breaking routine and add improvement in general.

Laziness is my biggest strength… for automation ofc :)

Otherwise, I’m an open minder, I like share experience with people like eating some new food or discover new experience ! My hobbies are sport and… yes food again i love making food and eat too :o)

I hope you enjoy your stay !



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